COVID-19 – Taking Action with Nutrition

COVID-19 is a Nutritional Crisis - Part 2 of 3 As a proponent of Preventive & Proactive Medicine, especially as it relates to supplements and lifestyle, I think it would be nice, if in fact, someone was talking about what we can do to protect our immune systems....

COVID-19 – Attitude is Everything

COVID-19 is a Nutritional Crisis - Part 1 of 3 Being a Medical Detective I spend a great deal of time with my clients looking for underlying issues that go beyond the symptoms that are observed or felt. Symptoms are what American Medicine is based on rather than...

COVID 19 update

As many of my followers/clients  know I posted my recommendations, about 10 days ago, for what we can do to optimize our immune systems to prevent or deter, exposure to COVID-19 or should you be affected you will have the immune support (army) you need...

Open letter To the Senators of Georgia

An open letter to Georgia’s Senators in support of The Tick Health Act.

I ask you Senators to stand up for the citizens of GA to provide for education for physicians of all specialties along with research, and funding to allow for the development of sensitive and specific testing for accurate diagnoses to be made and for patients to receive the care that they need to recover and get well rather than let them malinger, lose their jobs and become an emotional and financial burden to their families and society.



Newest Advisory Board Member January 24, 2019 Susan Levin of Susan Levin Management Consultants LLC, has been asked to join The American College for The Advancement of Medicine to serve as an Advisor to the Board and to serve on the Education Committee. The American...

Lyme Induced Autism?

Lyme Induced Autism?

Is there such a thing as Lyme Induced Autism? Yes, as a matter of fact. How do I know? Because my husband, Warren M. Levin, MD was one of the first physicians to make the link between the two. As if autism is not complex enough. He had already been working with...

Why Do I Call Myself a (health) Detective?

Why Do I Call Myself a (health) Detective?

Case Study: Why Do I Call Myself a (health) Detective? I had a client a few months ago that was suffering repeatedly with UTi's, (urinary tract infections) She would take her antibiotics and probiotics, and hopefully could arrange for an anti-fungal to prevent the...

A Tick Bite is not just a  Simple Tick Bite. Why?

A Tick Bite is not just a Simple Tick Bite. Why?

The Clock is Ticking!  Due to the changes in our environment, more ticks are surviving because of warm winters and are traveling to other areas of the country where they have not been known previously. These changes, therefore, require us to be more diligent in tick...

COVID-19 UPDATE: My door is open. I am accepting patients as we work at a social distance, by Zoom, phone or Skype.
Please fill out the contact form on my website and I will get right back to you. I am also offering a discount on supplements to all my clients and those in need of help determining what is best for them.