How it Works

When people ask me what I ‘do’, it is always difficult to answer because what I do is as nuanced and varied as my clients are.  I have some clients who I am in touch with monthly or bi-monthly, some weekly, and some who require daily communication as we begin our work on the road to health and wellness. 

It all starts the same way. So here is how it works:

STEP 1: Let’s Talk

I provide a FREE 20-30 minute consultation to discuss health challenges and determine if we are a good fit. 

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STEP 2: Tell Me More

Once we determine that we want to move forward, I get to know you better with 4 questionnaires that give me a window into your health:

Before we decide where you’re going, I want to know where you’ve been and what you’ve already done.

I ask to be provided with synopses of past and current care including:

  • Labs from the past year
  • Supplements and Medications
  • Treatments that you have already tried or are currently using
  • Review of your current diet

STEP 3: Getting the Bigger Picture


Once all the information is collected, we will arrange a face to face or phone consultation to review all the information.


This allows us to go through everything together to ensure that we are on the same page. 


It is very important to me that I fully understand where you are now and where you want to go. 


STEP 4: The Plan

Now we are ready to move forward and I will provide you with my plan of action including:
  • Individualized programs for diet, nutrition and supplements.  Before we even bring you to a practitioner, there are fundamental supplements and diets that can help kick start your healing process.  Once you have seen the practitioner we choose, we can integrate their approach with the work you will have already started. 
  • Discussion of practitioners for consideration.  I will provide you with a short list of physicians I recommend. In some areas I can recommend more than one. In others, I am limited by the level of excellence in the area you are seeking help with.
  • With your approval, I will reach out to the Physician(s) personally, have them look over your test results and other pertinent information to get their take, and ensure that it’s a good fit before you walk through the door and spend your hard earned money.  Once I verify that it’s a good ‘match’, you make a call to their office and schedule your first appointment. 

STEP 5: The Journey Begins

Now that we have found you the appropriate Physician, I will be available for the first consultation in-person or remotely, and for any upcoming consults as needed.  I am there to make sure nothing is forgotten, that your voice is heard, and to ensure that all of your questions are answered. 
Between visits, I am available to:
  • Explain lab results
  • Order supplements for you at a discount
  • Help you organize and create systems to help you succeed in following the sometimes overwhelming protocol(s) your physician has recommended
  • Guide/coach/ support you through the ups and downs of fighting off and healing your body from serious illness
  • Reach out to the Physician between visits if you have questions, concerns, or are not doing as well as you would like to troubleshoot and get you better care if necessary.

I am here for you.  I am your partner and your advocate and your coach.   I care deeply about you getting better and living the life you dream of with complete health. 

My passion, my life, your health!


Do you work in an ongoing fashion?

Yes. I am generally quite involved with my clients and their doctors. I will often reach out to the doctor on behalf of my client, if my client is not doing well etc.

I am often on the phone during new patient appointments via phone or in person   and might discuss recommendations or concerns and where we go with the next step. Prepare a plan of action and send to Dr and Client.


Do you provide supplements?

Yes, at a discount.


Do you travel with a client or to meet a client and their Practitioner?

Yes, but rarely done.


How often is a follow up?

Some individuals need more follow up than others. Everyone’s situation is different.