My Ovarian Cancer Journey

To my clients and colleagues: It’s hard to know how to start this letter, so I’m just going to go ahead and tell you. On March 11 of last year I was diagnosed with Stage 3C-4 Ovarian Cancer.  As I got off the phone with my doctor that afternoon as he clumsily...

Open letter To the Senators of Georgia

An open letter to Georgia’s Senators in support of The Tick Health Act.

I ask you Senators to stand up for the citizens of GA to provide for education for physicians of all specialties along with research, and funding to allow for the development of sensitive and specific testing for accurate diagnoses to be made and for patients to receive the care that they need to recover and get well rather than let them malinger, lose their jobs and become an emotional and financial burden to their families and society.



Newest Advisory Board Member January 24, 2019 Susan Levin of Susan Levin Management Consultants LLC, has been asked to join The American College for The Advancement of Medicine to serve as an Advisor to the Board and to serve on the Education Committee. The American...

COVID-19 UPDATE: My door is open. I am accepting patients as we work at a social distance, by Zoom, phone or Skype.
Please fill out the contact form on my website and I will get right back to you. I am also offering a discount on supplements to all my clients and those in need of help determining what is best for them.