Complete Remission

Anyone struggling with Lyme symptoms should look for her help. I went from having Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia to being in complete remission.

~ Giancarlo Anastasia, New York State

Susan digs deeper than most to uncover root causes…

When Susan Levin first started working with us as a health consultant for my daughter in August of 2019, Sophia (now 18) had debilitating health and mental issues, some of which her doctors dismissed, attributing them to her Autism diagnosis.

With Susan Levin’s guidance, we discovered my daughter had Lyme Disease, Mold illness, Candida, Multiple Food Sensitivities, vision issues (convergence insufficiency), and thyroid illness. No doctor, even the best functional doctor, would relentlessly dig as deep as she does in uncovering the root causes of your health problems.

Healing takes time, after 4 years of multiple treatments, multiple therapies, and lifestyle changes Sophia is in the best health (physically and mentally) I have ever seen her. This past August Sophia left home for college where she is thriving.

~ Sandra Karampelas, GA

Quarterbacking the journey to health

We consider ourselves so lucky to have found Susan after years of searching for answers as we tried to solve my son’s mysterious injuries and illness. Simply put, the mainstream doctors we saw and even the specialized lyme clinic we were at missed crucial elements pivotal to my son’s care. 

Susan’s breadth of knowledge regarding illness and how to heal most effectively is without comparison. She recommended advanced testing which finally identified what was wrong.

My son puts it best when he says, “Susan cares a lot about the people she is helping. She always knows the right questions to ask and gives you as much time as you need to talk. Susan has our best interest at heart and she is the most thorough person I have ever met.”

Susan is smart, responsive and supportive. She is someone you can rely on as you make difficult decisions. Susan is definitely someone you want to quarterback your journey back to health.

~ Jennifer Kogan for her son, Canada

I am most grateful for kick-ass Susan!

I found Susan to be a truly kick-ass, very focused lady who is very well versed in integrative health. When things get bad for yourself or your child and you need someone outside of conventional doctors but don’t know where to turn, I would highly recommend Susan Levin.

You need an advocate who has been around the block and can guide you. In my case I knew that what we were dealing with was time sensitive and we needed fast help. She was right there and fighting along side me, and got me the help needed.

I am most grateful and happy I know where to turn, if ever again I don’t know where to turn.

HD, Atlanta, GA

Susan to the rescue again!

I am fully vaccinated and boosted and one day had an incredibly terrible headache and when my nose started running, I suspected COVID.

After a home test showing POSITIVE, I went to an Urgent Care Clinic and their diagnosis was also POSITIVE. After resting a day, I called Susan to let her know. She asked what treatment I was given and I told her nothing other than rest, lots of fluids,etc.

Not only did she give me a regimen of vitamins to help my immune system, she told me about a new antiviral drug: Paxlovid. I asked my Doctor about the drug and she asked me where I heard about it. I told her about Susan and her expertise. She knew about this drug, however, did not know the name of it. I asked if she would talk to Susan and she gave me her cell phone number.

Susan ended up speaking to my doctor for half an hour. The Doctor ended up prescribing this new anti-viral and I started taking it on the 5th day since my first symptom (Must be taken within the first 5 days) I took the drug for 5 days and when I went back to the Urgent Care for anther test the morning after my last dose, my results were: NEGATIVE!!!

Thank you Susan for always being on the cutting edge of knowledge. You ARE A TRUE MEDICAL DETECTIVE!

~ M.B., Georgia

I would be lost in this medical system getting nowhere without you.

You have been amazing and so supportive. I would not have found the Lyme. I would be lost in this medical system getting nowhere without you. But as YOU have found the issues, you have held my hand in the nerve racking system getting me right into place. I can not thank you enough!!! ( We have really just begun). 

~ Tania Neild, New York

My general practitioner asked what I did this last six months

I’ve been working with Susan for about six months. Besides losing 18 pounds and feeling the best I’ve felt in my life, the blood in my stool is gone. That is just unbelievably huge.

In addition to that, I found out at age 49 that I am allergic to wheat. This would have been really helpful information to have known 40 years ago!

I just had the least painful teeth cleaning I’ve ever had, and found out my gum swelling is down. Susan had told me that the protocol would improve my gums, but I was skeptical. Now I have proof with improved gum-pocket depth measurements!

After my most recent blood tests came back with marked improvements, especially my inflammatory C-reactive protein (CRP) and cholesterol, my general practitioner asked what I did this last six months. DIET AND VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS! I never would have believed that a year ago.

Last but not least, I have confidence to go off my antidepressant medications, which I have been taking, on and off, for about 20 years. I feel confident to titrate off my premenstrual dysphoric disorder medication as well with Susan’s regimen.

I am very happy and want to yell from the rafters: THANK YOU SUSAN!

~ Vanessa Denola, New York

No stone left unturned…

I’m a fairly independent person but when it came to my medical journey all I wanted was for someone to hold my hand. The journey back to health can be a long one but lately it feels a lot more like a light at the end of the tunnel and less of a never ending period of trial and error. 

Susan looks at the WHOLE picture. For me it was being fully seen and taken seriously for the first time. Symptoms I thought were unrelated all connected in a fascinating way. No stone left uncovered, Susan is diligent in making sure you will receive correct testing, the right diagnosis and exact treatment. It may all seem overwhelming but Susan is there for every step. It’s only the beginning but I’m already so grateful. 

~ Zimra Garfinkel, Israel

If it weren’t for Susan…I would never have been diagnosed properly

I was in bed for a week with flu-like systems and crippling body aches.  If it weren’t for Susan, I never would have gotten tested for Lyme, diagnosed properly, and treated quickly.  If I had gone through conventional methods, who knows where I’d be today and what sort of long-lasting effects I would have had from the lyme.

Susan also aided with my lingering GI issues.  She recommended the proper testing and then set me up with the right supplements to alleviate a lot of pain and discomfort that I was used to having for years.

Thank you again for all the support.

~ Matt N., Atlanta, GA

Susan treats you as a person, not just the illness…

Susan Levin is excellent! I was having a particularly hard time finding concise answers from my health care providers that might explain my condition (COVID-19).

It seemed like the doctors were just putting bandaids over symptoms and I saw no improvements. Susan took a proactive and 360-degree approach, considering all possible causes and effects for my condition.

After following her recommendations not only have I  felt better than ever, but I also have a greater understanding of the root causes for my particular symptoms and how to best treat them should I have any future flare-ups.

Susan treats you as a person, not just the illness..

~JU, New York, New York

Susan is a remarkable coach

I have known Susan Levin for the past 10 years. We have worked together on a number of patients.

Susan is a remarkable coach. This comes from a combination of (1) her profound knowledge of the many medical things that can cause psychiatric symptoms in infections such as Lyme, and a host of various medical syndromes she is familiar with, and, (2) her tenacious coaching style. When people are sick and in need, Susan is an invaluable asset helping to move a person through the sometimes dizzying array of options and information that we often find in treatment plans.  

Susan’s approach is very hands-on and when needed, she can be quite assertive. She understands the confusing intersection of medical disorders and psychiatric disorders. Susan takes ownership over those she coaches, and from a professional standpoint can become their best professional resource.

She is very comfortable setting meetings with various professionals and she has such a good knowledge of medicine and disease processes that once the professional has done the consultation, Susan can then help the patient understand the big picture, as well as the steps they need to take to move toward wellness.

I give Susan Levin a strong endorsement and would be happy to speak to you if that would be helpful.

~ N Bennett., MD

More knowledgeable than even doctors who hold themselves out to be experts

I have known Susan for over 15 years. She is an expert at getting people the right doctors and tests to diagnose accurately and properly treat people with Lyme’s disease and many other conditions. She is more knowledgeable than even doctors who hold themselves out to be experts.

She is some one I trust to help get the right medical care.

~ Dr Hellar

Phoenix, AZ

I am beyond grateful for your help

Thank you for all your time and help with our patient/client B.O.

I am beyond grateful for your help and I have learned so much from your expertise.

I have really enjoyed being a part of this team and I am hopeful you can get B.O. back to somewhat of a more normal life with the recommendations made.

G-D blessings to you. 

With appreciation, 

~ S.P.

Nurse Practitioner, Pennsylvania

One Step Ahead

With great enthusiasm I submit this letter of endorsement for Susan Levin.

As a senior Clinic Outreach and Business Development Manager in the Amen Clinics organization, I have had the opportunity to come across many integrative practitioners and clinicians over the past seven years.

Rarely do I have an opportunity to work with a person as intuitively gifted and committed to her client/patient care as Susan Levin.

She is so much more than a Certified Life and Health Coach and Susan continues on with her husband’s pioneer integrative legacy with every person she comes in contact with.

I first met Susan at the Consortium of Integrative Care Practitioners of Atlanta (CICPA) educational and interactive clinical case study event. We were discussing actual difficult to treat cases and recognizing potential diagnostic issues and treatment recommendations. It was obvious that Susan was incredibly perceptive and strategic when it came to integrative diagnostics, tests, labs and supplements.

She is creative, outside-the box, and methodical.

She has a command of the basic sciences and a genuine curiosity about the clinical presentations and the patients themselves. She assisted in augmenting the groups thinking and developing efficacious and meaningful strategies.

Susan immerses herself in solving clinical problems, and is incredibly inspired, persistent, and collaborative until she has found answers. Susan demonstrates a high level of competency, commitment, and diligence for her very complicated diagnostic cases.

She encompasses a “can do” attitude.

As a multi-clinic Outreach Manager responsible to assess the competencies and character of medical and clinical professionals for our physicians to refer to, I appreciate her genuine ability to be one step ahead with a high level of professional competency and well thought out treatment plan for every referred case.

In summary, I am grateful for the opportunity to know and collaborate as a team with Susan Levin. She is an exceptional consultant, counselor and Certified Life and Health Coach. She is skillful in Candida, Obesity, Diabetes, Multiple Systemic Infections, including Lyme Disease, Food Allergy Addiction, Environmental Allergies, Children on the Autistic Spectrum along with ADHD.

Her work ethic and integrity defines her. Her compassion for others guides her and her tenacity makes her better at her client/patient goals than most we see these days.

I would recommend her to anyone as an advocate for anything involving the need for education, strategic options, treatments and protocols that can lead to a person’s complete healing and optimal recovery.

Tom Bowen
Senior Clinic Outreach Manager, Atlanta Clinic


Someone you want on your team

Susan Levin is  a good person to work with.  She is tenacious when it comes to looking out for you and your practice. I really appreciate how she looks at the bottom line and return on investments. We physicians tend to be challenged in that area. She looks at your entire practice from top to bottom, including you. She reminds you to take care of YOU. She’s definitely someone you want on your team.
~ Felecia L. Dawson, MD, FACOG, ABOIM
Women for Women, PC
Holistic Gynecology
1 Baltimore Place, NW, Suite 350
Atlanta, GA 30308

All In

I have known Susan Levin for more than 25 years.

I highly recommend her as a health coach and practice management consultant. You will have to search the world over to find anyone as knowledgeable in the field of alternative and integrative medicine and most likely will never find anyone as nice and helpful as Susan is.

As a health coach, Susan is “all in.” She is extremely knowledgeable, cares deeply about the well-being of others, and possesses amazing drive to thoroughly guide and support her clients.

She is a true partner who will champion your best interests throughout your journey to optimal health.

Best Regards,

~ David A Steenblock, BS,MS, DO, California

Personalized Medical Regeneration (sub-specialty of stem cell therapies)

Highly Respected

Susan has extensive contacts in the medical community; she was invaluable in bringing physicians to participate in our study.

Ms. Levin is highly respected in the integrative medicine/anti-aging community. She is a leader in assisting physicians in growth and development of their practices.

~ Richard F. Walker, Ph.D., R.Ph.,
VP, Research and Development , ProSoma, LLC
Editor in Chief, Clinical Interventions in Aging,
Dove Medical Press (London/Auckland)

A Unique Blend of Attributes and Skills

Susan possesses a unique blend of attributes and skills.

She is a highly intelligent and analytical person with an extremely creative mind for problem solving.

I appreciated her positive approach to resolving difficult and complicated issues.

~ Edith Marie Servino, RN,
Manager of NIHA IV and Lab Services
Washington, DC

Creative Answers

It’s clear to all who know Susan that her work in Integrative Medicine is much more than a job, it is a passion for her…..

Having worked with a variety of people over the past 25 years I have met very few who approach every challenge with such boundless energy, often finding creative answers to the many things that are thrown her way.

~ Deborah McCabe
Director Family Wellness
Washington, DC

Truly Passionate Patient Advocate

I have had the pleasure and knowing and working with Susan Levin for 15 years.

I am both a physician in private practice and a medical director for numerous health plans over the past 30 years. I have worked with several RN Health Coaches over the years. Susan is the most knowledgeable and passionate of anybody I have ever worked with in this capacity. I am including in that hundreds of nurse case managers that I have worked with. Even though Susan does not hold either a medical degree or nursing degree her understanding of complex medical issues and the ability to help manage the  patient to receive the best care possible is unmatched by any one else I have worked with. I don’t say that lightly.

If you are looking for a truly passionate patient advocate who has tremendous knowledge and experience to help guide you in the most caring way, she is the one I would choose.

Susan provides an incredible service like no one else can!

~ Lewis Heller MD, MBA, 
Phoenix, AZ
PS.  I am happy to provide a reference to any physician or patient