Blessed to Have You in My Corner!

In a few short months Susan Levin has become an integral part of my 20 year journey battling Lyme Disease and I believe she will be the key that will finally unlock the secrets to regain my health.

The first time I met Susan I felt like I’d known her for years!! She is friendly, personable, kind and possesses the uncanny ability to immediately create an atmosphere of positivity and hope! She is a vigilante, tireless, organized and determined investigator who will be there for you to listen, encourage, answer questions, no matter how small, and support your quest towards improved health!

If you are struggling like I was, treating an illness for years without regaining total wellness, call Susan! I promise, you will not be disappointed!! Her thoroughness and attention to detail as she pours over your entire medical history will help you get those elusive answers.

Thank you Susan… I’m blessed to have you in my corner!!!

K.F. – Blairsville, Georgia

Susan never gives up when working with a client…

Susan Levin has been my Nutritional Consultant and “Life Enhancer and Saver” for over a year and a half.

Her expertise and wise counseling have been there for me every step of the way in my wellness journey.

One example is when a pulmonologist gave me a prescription for proton pump inhibitors. Susan alleged this type of treatment would be extremely harmful to me and difficult to get off, if I started.

I never filled the doctor’s prescription. Instead, Susan’s expertise went into full healing mode: With her mix of probiotics, enzymes and specialized diet, she was able to heal me completely! When I went back to the doctor 3 months later, the doctor was extremely satisfied with my healing without the harmful drugs!

One of the most significant insights she diagnosed was going on for over a year. At the very beginning of the year, Susan told me what she determined were my issues.

Even a gastroenterologist could not determine what exactly had been going on with my body for over a year!

I finally had the tests Susan recommended a year earlier and Susan was correct!!!! The tests came back positive for what Susan initially diagnosed. 

A few of these tests I had to pay for, however, Susan has experience with many non-traditional and worthy sources that have the integrity and expertise she demands when recommending providers.

Susan never gives up when working with a client and has vast resources to recommend.

I am very confident in Susan’s expertise and ability to understand the complexities of each person’s healing quotient. She is amazing and competent, and I am more than willing to speak to anyone who wants specific information on the aforementioned issues I was dealing with.

Please ask Susan for my contact information.

Thank you, Susan Levin, from the bottom of my heart.

~ Mira B, Atlanta, Georgia

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Susan Levin

I had Lyme for the better part of 3 years. At the beginning I felt things were always going nowhere. One step forward two steps back. My symptoms came and went. My moods were all over the board. My anxiety was huge and I knew I was sick.

My Mom reached out and contacted Susan Levin. Once Susan got involved things immediately started heading in the right direction. She reviewed several years of labs, and looked for possible missing links to my puzzle. She teased my history apart and worked closely to prepare a comprehensive report detailing all my previous significant labs, symptoms, medications, supplements, herbs etc. She asked so many questions that no one had ever asked me before.

She helped me locate a Doctor and then she went to work closely with my Lyme doctor to help ensure that the treatment I was getting was as comprehensive as it could be.

Her wealth of knowledge on Lyme and her unending support were what helped the most. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of Susan Levin. Anyone struggling with Lyme symptoms should look for her help. I went from having Lyme, Bartonella and Babesia to being in complete remission. The work was hard but Susan”s guidance was what kept me going.

~ G Anastasio, NY

You Never Gave Up

“We are on the best road and combination that was reasonably possible. Thank you for all your care and all the right choices and connections through an unbelievable roller coaster ride that you experienced with us. You never gave up and can’t thank you enough for that.”

~ Dad of young adult son

You Saved my Life

This letter cannot even begin to show my gratitude for you and Dr. Levin for guiding me through the path to wellness. Without your altruistic practices, I don’t believe I would be well today, and quite frankly, I am not sure I would be alive.

Before I found you and the doctor, I was extremely traumatized by several surgeries that had taxed my body, but mainly was poisoned by Ciproflaxin toxicity while under anesthesia.  I had severe gastrointestinal distress combined with an immune system that had completely shut down.  This was coupled with a positive Lyme disease test, and total disruption of my nervous system.   Prior to these incidences, I had been an athlete and enjoyed extremely good health.

Before I found you both, I had run the gamut of traditional “specialists”, who completely dismissed my symptoms. My husband and I were told multiple times that they couldn’t help me.  That was the beginning of my very strange journey through the (sometimes) dark side of Western “traditional” medicine and “Big Pharma”.  It was an awakening to the corruption in the medical community and the total disregard for the patients symptoms, by the doctors.  The shortcomings by doctors to assess a patient using inductive reasoning is alarming.  I was looked down upon, as sick as I was, for insinuating that I had been poisoned by an antibiotic. I was told so many things by so many doctors, my husband and I were at a loss.   

When I found your practice, you saved my life. You were the first medical professionals that truly believed my toxicity, and that was part of the cure. I am sure I cried to have finally found someone who listened to me and BELIEVED me and truly cared about me as a person. I had basically been bedridden for two years before we were referred to you. You listened to everything I said about what was going on with my body and couldn’t have cared more about me as a person, if you were my own family. You were a Godsend to me and my husband who were at the end of having any hope that I would get better. You and the doctor worked so closely and really heard me as a patient and put together a protocol to not “fix” me, but to get my body healthy again. Your perspective on what direction with which to approach healing was so brilliant.    

You and the doctor taught me so much about healing and faith and believing that wellness is always attainable. It is an invaluable lesson my husband and I carry with us still. We have a monumental fondness, deep respect and appreciation for you both. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving me my life back.

~ Melissa Walter

All In

I have known Susan Levin for more than 25 years.

I highly recommend her as a health coach and practice management consultant. You will have to search the world over to find anyone as knowledgeable in the field of alternative and integrative medicine and most likely will never find anyone as nice and helpful as Susan is.

As a health coach, Susan is “all in.” She is extremely knowledgeable, cares deeply about the well-being of others, and possesses amazing drive to thoroughly guide and support her clients.

She is a true partner who will champion your best interests throughout your journey to optimal health.

Best Regards,

~ David A Steenblock, BS,MS, DO
Personalized Medical Regeneration (sub-specialty of stem cell therapies)

Unique position in the healthcare maze

I first met Susan and Warren Levin about 30 years ago.  Susan worked with her husband in his medical office, where she was a conduit for getting his job done with patients, eloquently and efficiently, and at the same time help the patients to get what they needed to put them on the path to wellness.

Although she is not a medical practitioner, her depth of knowledge and her ability to digest the issues, transmit that knowledge, and advocate for the patient, with a commitment and a passion, gives her a unique position in the health care maze.

As a medical office facilitator, or as a patient advocate and educator, I highly recommend her for any medical office, that wants to upgrade the quality of their patient care or for patients wanting a caring, knowledgeable, and compassionate medical advocate.

Steven J. Bock M.D.

You Can’t Afford Not to Work with Susan Levin

I have been supporting my son through long term Lyme and co-infections for several years.

He has struggled through college and part time work having to drop two semesters because he just couldn’t make it through because of Lyme. For me, personally, making the decision to bring Susan Levin on board has made a night and day difference in every way.

Susan’s knowledge is vast and she continues to be educated in the ever changing quest for knowledge on how to heal from Lyme and its multiple coinfections. When working with doctors I have been able to reach out to her in this area. I contacted her about a year ago and she helped me select a new LLMD that she felt would be a good fit for my son in upstate in NY.

While we got started I was working part time, managing our household and trying to push through my own health issues which were not improving. I found myself floundering in labs, paper work, treatments, and I just didn’t know where things were headed for my son. I was at a loss and instinctively knew I couldn’t do this on my own any more. It was becoming overwhelming to say the least.

Susan to the rescue! She has been a tremendous support to me both emotionally and because of her knowledge, I feel at peace knowing I can go to her to solve any of the health issues that come up and know she will be able to recommend a next step.

Her knowledge of treatment works hand in hand with the doctor.

Her ability to organize the patient, the family support and information coming from the doctor is critically important, especially with Lyme. She works to communicate with all the parties assisting in setting up parameters and areas of responsibilities while not stepping on anyone’s toes! She is caring and supportive and not judgmental, knowing this is a difficult course to navigate.

She participates in conference calls….we work together. She has brought peace back to our lives because of her support. We don’t have to go through this alone anymore.

Working with Susan Levin is a pleasure. She listens and understands. She reads between the lines and can verbalize what the problems are whether organizational, therapies and/or support.

~ Caregiver

Teacher, Healer, Friend

While navigating the complexities of severe environmental illnesses, my husband and I, both, were profoundly blessed to have Susan Levin as our health coach and advocate.

Susan’s boundless energy, vast knowledge of integrative medicine, deep professional network, and tireless commitment to serving her clients’ needs were literally life savers for our family as we dealt with Lyme Disease, mold Illness, heavy metal toxicity, electro-sensitivity, early stage breast cancer, stroke, thyroid and adrenal failure, cardiovascular disease, and type II diabetes,

Conventional medicine reliably falls short in the evolving terrain of environmental medicine.  As such, it is prudent and necessary to enlist the services of an experienced health coach in order to leverage the odds of survival.  Susan Levin has my highest recommendation for navigating one’s toughest medical challenges.

She is a teacher, a healer, and a friend on the road to recovery.

~ Joan Esnayra, Ph.D. (Genetics) and Craig Love, Ph.D. (Psychology)

Extraordinary Care

One of a Kind.  Extraordinary care.  Personal, detailed, attentive, professional, respected, educator, bridge-builder.  

Susan’s incredible standard and ethic of patient care serves to guide both the patient and their family through the diagnosis process that often includes feeling overwhelmed, and confused at the needs for one’s health adaptations – to the new and unknowns –  to equipping each one and serving them as the individuals that they are, and in equipping the patient to become a voice of representation for their own health care and well-being.

Whether she is serving as a conduit and working closely as part of building a patient care team or helping the patient to understand the proven, published, case history of benefits of choosing a healthier lifestyle, Susan has incredible experience and expertise to offer.

We met her when our daughter was deathly ill from a very late diagnosis of Lyme disease complex.  Organs, body systems, brain, horrific pain and suffering complicated the journey and we were led to a functional medicine approach.  Susan was a part of our daughter’s greater team.  Her undying loving support and ensuring that we had what we needed during our functional appointments brought comfort that allowed us to breathe through the challenges and grasp the understanding of her amazing physician and protocol recommendations.

There was not one time over the course of several years of intense treatment needs, that she was not an ambassador advocating for our daughter’s best – as if she were her own.  She became beloved family to our daughter and to us.  You cannot find this in today’s medical communities of revolving doors and fast pace movement of patients.

Susan is a gift, she is educated and she is qualified to help you and if you have opportunity to be guided by her professional care, run, do not walk.  You will be blessed for the investment into your health or that of your loved one.

~ Barry and Diana Holtry

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