I have known Susan Levin for the past 10 years. We have worked together on a number of patients.

Susan is a remarkable coach. This comes from a combination of (1) her profound knowledge of the many medical things that can cause psychiatric symptoms in infections such as Lyme, and a host of various medical syndromes she is familiar with, and, (2) her tenacious coaching style. When people are sick and in need, Susan is an invaluable asset helping to move a person through the sometimes dizzying array of options and information that we often find in treatment plans.  

Susan’s approach is very hands-on and when needed, she can be quite assertive. She understands the confusing intersection of medical disorders and psychiatric disorders. Susan takes ownership over those she coaches, and from a professional standpoint can become their best professional resource.

She is very comfortable setting meetings with various professionals and she has such a good knowledge of medicine and disease processes that once the professional has done the consultation, Susan can then help the patient understand the big picture, as well as the steps they need to take to move toward wellness.

I give Susan Levin a strong endorsement and would be happy to speak to you if that would be helpful.

~ N Bennett., MD