I’ve been working with Susan for about six months. Besides losing 18 pounds and feeling the best I’ve felt in my life, the blood in my stool is gone. That is just unbelievably huge.

In addition to that, I found out at age 49 that I am allergic to wheat. This would have been really helpful information to have known 40 years ago!

I just had the least painful teeth cleaning I’ve ever had, and found out my gum swelling is down. Susan had told me that the protocol would improve my gums, but I was skeptical. Now I have proof with improved gum-pocket depth measurements!

After my most recent blood tests came back with marked improvements, especially my inflammatory C-reactive protein (CRP) and cholesterol, my general practitioner asked what I did this last six months. DIET AND VITAMINS AND SUPPLEMENTS! I never would have believed that a year ago.

Last but not least, I have confidence to go off my antidepressant medications, which I have been taking, on and off, for about 20 years. I feel confident to titrate off my premenstrual dysphoric disorder medication as well with Susan’s regimen.

I am very happy and want to yell from the rafters: THANK YOU SUSAN!

~ Vanessa Denola, New York