Susan Levin is excellent! I was having a particularly hard time finding concise answers from my health care providers that might explain my condition (COVID-19).

It seemed like the doctors were just putting bandaids over symptoms and I saw no improvements. Susan took a proactive and 360-degree approach, considering all possible causes and effects for my condition.

After following her recommendations not only have I  felt better than ever, but I also have a greater understanding of the root causes for my particular symptoms and how to best treat them should I have any future flare-ups.

Susan treats you as a person, not just the illness..

~JU, New York, New York

COVID-19 UPDATE: My door is open. I am accepting patients as we work at a social distance, by Zoom, phone or Skype.
Please fill out the contact form on my website and I will get right back to you. I am also offering a discount on supplements to all my clients and those in need of help determining what is best for them.