I am fully vaccinated and boosted and one day had an incredibly terrible headache and when my nose started running, I suspected COVID.

After a home test showing POSITIVE, I went to an Urgent Care Clinic and their diagnosis was also POSITIVE. After resting a day, I called Susan to let her know. She asked what treatment I was given and I told her nothing other than rest, lots of fluids,etc.

Not only did she give me a regimen of vitamins to help my immune system, she told me about a new antiviral drug: Paxlovid. I asked my Doctor about the drug and she asked me where I heard about it. I told her about Susan and her expertise. She knew about this drug, however, did not know the name of it. I asked if she would talk to Susan and she gave me her cell phone number.

Susan ended up speaking to my doctor for half an hour. The Doctor ended up prescribing this new anti-viral and I started taking it on the 5th day since my first symptom (Must be taken within the first 5 days) I took the drug for 5 days and when I went back to the Urgent Care for anther test the morning after my last dose, my results were: NEGATIVE!!!

Thank you Susan for always being on the cutting edge of knowledge. You ARE A TRUE MEDICAL DETECTIVE!

~ M.B., Georgia