As we enter 2021, we always have New Year’s resolutions. I believe this year that weight loss and getting back into shape will be a huge focus for so many people.

We have all been through such a challenging, stressful year. It has taken its toll in so many ways. 

Among the many issues and challenges we have had to face our waistlines have surely expanded. People have talked about being lazy, and couch potatoes, binge watching TV and using food for comfort especially with isolation. My approach is to work with my clients to educate them and approach this as a lifestyle shift, not just a fad diet. The result is for many of my client’s great success and the development of new lifestyle habits.  They will be armed with what is best for their bodies for the best outcome and for maintenance. 

How do I approach weight loss? 

When clients come to me for weight loss, I feel it is important to do a complete history to determine if they have any underlying issues, as this can impact how successful they will be in the program that I design for them. 

My program includes some supplements which are essential for our immune system. Whether on a weight control program or not, whether my client eats organic foods, supplements are essential today to protect again COVID and to help support the body. The Food We Eat Today does not contain all the essential nutrients to deal with environmental pollution, pesticides, exposure to mold, or historical health challenges. I take my client from where he/she is with no judgement but providing the support that each individual needs.

I will ask my client to get blood work done with their Internist so we can see how the thyroid is functioning, and I always request a complete Thyroid Panel, hormone testing, leptin testing, cholesterol, etc. It also provides a baseline for where we are today. 

Because our brain and guts are connected, my clients experience improved mood as I recommend the use of Probiotics and Enzymes. What a difference this makes. 

Food sensitivity is a huge issue, and my client may not be aware of the relationship between the food they eat and their heartburn, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, or headaches and depression.  Thus, when certain foods are eliminated, they report to me a huge improvement with their wellbeing. They wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

I also promise there is no starving or weighing of food. This is all about a Healthy Lifestyle along with exercise that promotes the best results. 

I look forward to working with my clients in the New Year and helping them achieve the goals they set out. 

Happy New Year, Happy Healthy New Year, and may we come into the New Year with renewed hopes and reunions with family and friends.