As many of my followers/clients  know I posted my recommendations, about 10 days ago, for what we can do to optimize our immune systems to prevent or deter, exposure to COVID-19 or should you be affected you will have the immune support (army) you need to  help fight the infection. 

There is a quote I frequently use:

If you are not preventing Disease, you are Preventing Health

This has never been truer.

So, here goes. This is what I learned this past weekend and want to share with you. I am including resources and links that you can go to for additional help or support . AND remember I am here to help you!

  • We all know this is a strange virus and it can linger for 10 days in our nose and eyes before it develops into full blown Covid-19. 
  • We know this virus jumped from animals to humans. 
  • Interesting that when Lyme became known in 1975 there was no verifiable laboratory testing or treatment. There is still no verifiable test today, 45 years after the fact. So, there are many parallels although COVID 19 is getting the attention as it is a world pandemic. This leads me back to the fact that politics and drug companies lead the way and choose what they are going to pay attention to, even if their research is going nowhere i.e. Alzheimer’s and Amyloid Plaque. 
  • The virus can survive on many surfaces i.e. shiny flat surfaces for 10 days
  • It is also very interesting to note that 5G first made its appearance in Wuhan and next in Seattle, Washington. So, what does this say about EMF and its impact on our immune systems? This is a confounding factor.
  • The French Study has demonstrated how successful the use of hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin have been for many patients. So much so that There is now new data supporting this treatment. Since then, Kansas City area physicians, continue to treat many patients, and some have shown improvement. Major medical centers including the University of Washington and Mass General have added hydroxychloroquine to treatment options. However, there is an acute shortage of these medications.
  • Alinia is another medication being recommended for Covid -19 and in addressing chronic illness. Many people with Chronic Lyme Disease have been on Alinia as well as Hydroxychloroquine (aka) Plaquenil and have benefitted from its anti-parasitic activity. Alinia has been approved on the list of medications for COVID-19.
  • As the virus sticks to mucous membranes, I have learned about HYPOCHLORUS ACID which is 60% alcohol  and  can be sprayed on skin, eyes and nose. You can obtain this: thru Briotech.  Here is a good spray device for hypochlorous. HOCl is a natural part of our internal defense system, produced by white blood cells. When produced outside the body, HOCl is an electrolyzed, antimicrobial, biocide solution that inactivates pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, spores, and fungi. HOCL fights infection and supports healing.  It can be sprayed on the face, in the ears and up the nose. It is recommended to be used several times a day. 
  • Also, very important is Propolis which supports anti-viral immunity  in the mucous membranes. Be careful of your source and I ordered from
  • Vitamin C: I have written about this but want to update my recommendations as in China patients were given IV C 4000 grams over 2 hours and this was given over 3 days in a row. The NY Post also reported that a major teaching hospital has been using this with success in their patients. I was recommending at least 5000 mg a day. I have learned, however, and especially for people that are high risk and with chronic Upper Respiratory infections to increase this to 1 gram (1000 mg per hour). 
  • Melatonin:  Another novel use. This is a secret weapon in your arsenal for prevention or while being treated for COVID-19. Why Melatonin? Isn’t it just for sleep. Melatonin has many antioxidant and anti-toxin properties which has been shown to cancel many of the effects of the virus. I have heard several recommendations about Melatonin. Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, which I credit so much of this information to has been recommending 50 mg of Melatonin at night, followed by 30 mg over the day.  It has been studied and it has been shown that pregnant moms have very very high levels of Melatonin and their babies level increases by 10. So, Melatonin is critical especially as it decreases over time in the aging process. 
  • Andrographis: Andrographis is frequently used for preventing and treating the common cold and flu (influenza). So, this could be another tool in your toolbox. It acts by eliminating the Cytokine Storm in the lungs.  
  • Zinc: I have recommended the use of 50 mg a day for prevention and improvement of the immune system. Zinc has been shown to restore natural killer cell activity and lymphocyte production, and resistance to. Taken within the first 24 hours of experiencing symptoms, zinc (at least 75 mg/day) can speed up recovery and reduce symptoms of the common cold. Studies have shown that taken within the first 24 hours, there is a reduction in the common cold. Certainly COVID-19 is not the common cold, but rather a unique virus. 
  • Do not take anti-inflammatories : i.e. Ibuprofen. 
  • And please, while Amazon has served us with many items, because of the fake products that have been packaged and resold and been found to be fake, please do not order any supplements from AMAZON, especially during this time. 

Finally, and again I want to thank Dr Klinghardt for his brilliant presentation on The Forum for Integrative Medicine this past Thursday night. Should you want to listen to hear more, you will find many YouTube presentations by Dr Klinghardt. One is the Wi-Fi effects on the immune system. Also go to his Facebook page to get updates on Covid-19.

As an aside: I developed Vertigo this week which is due to my high exposure in my office to WIFI, cell phone usage, and my computer with the router in my office. It is best to have your phone on airplane mode as much as possible. So, if this has occurred with you Beyond Balance has ENL-VR which eliminates the toxic effects of EMF.  Unfortunately, this cannot be ordered except by Professionals but know this is available. I’d be happy to help you with this.

I also want to thank The Forum of Integrative Medicine and Beyond Balance for an incredible conference this weekend. Solutions for Complex Illness: Putting the Pieces together. 

Finally, and once again if I can help put a package together of supplements for you at a discount don’t hesitate to reach out.  I remain here to help and provide updated information as often as it comes to light.