I learned about Vit D3 (which is a hormone) about 25 years ago, and it quickly became an essential nutrient as part of my daily regimen in prevention. As time went on, I continued to learn  more about how important this nutrient was, and then came COVID.  I do not think there is anyone that has not heard about the importance of Vitamin D, and Zinc as well as many other important nutrients to build our immune systems.  

Then some years ago, I began to hear about vitamin K2 and why it was so important. How it worked hand in hand with Vitamin D3.

So, what do you know about K2 and what do we know that scientists have learned about K2? To begin with:

  • Most of us know about the importance of K2 and bone loss if there is a deficiency. In addition, and most importantly, it is essential for blood clotting and helping wounds to heal. 

However, what most people do not know and some ways that K2 can make a difference in health outcome are as follows.

  • The deficiency of K2 has been linked to risk of coronary heart disease. Inversely, optimal levels are cardioprotective.
  • Vit K and the brain have been closely studied and it has been found that a deficiency in K2 is a causative factor in cognitive decline and neurodegenerative diseases. 
  • There is an effect on the kidneys.
  • Vitamin K has been used in prostate cancer management. In fact, in several studies it has been found that K2 will support apoptosis (programmed cell death).
  • In addition, consider K2 to possibly be a leading anti-aging vitamin.
  • And, it has been found that  K2 can help maintain youthful skin. 

Finally, we realize that while Vit D is crucial for adequate calcium absorption, it is K2 that directs calcium to your skeleton, to prevent calcium being deposited in the wrong areas.  So, if you are taking Vitamin D, it is critical  to consider Vitamin K2. The formula I am taking  is 5000 mg of D3 and 500 mcg of K2. There are other recommendations, but I have found this to be workable for me. 

Please read the linked studies below, which I feel simplifies and discusses the pros and cons. I think you will learn a lot more. and with this information you will be empowered to be your own best advocate.

Finally. If you have never had your Vit D level checked, I urge you to do so, so you can establish a baseline. Most physicians today, especially, Functional Medicine Practitioners recommend an optimal reference range of 60-80. 

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Take one of these articles to your doctor and ask him to review it. It is your body and it is your life! You must be your own advocate.