I never imagined how much I would need an advocate when I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease.

I was seeing an integrative medicine physician who diagnosed me, gave me a list of about 50 supplements, drops, tinctures and antibiotics to take and sent me on my way.  I was left all alone reeling, not knowing who to call or where to start.

Enter Susan Levin. I feel so lucky to have found Susan. She quickly looked at my diagnosis, the overwhelming protocol, and the pages of lab work I’d had done and started putting the pieces together. She took the time to explain what everything meant and why or why not I should attempt medications or supplements at this time or at all.

She’s an invaluable resource as she has personal relationships with Lyme literate doctors around the country. She has been involved in Lyme advocacy for many years and is up to date on both past and current treatment approaches. She’s even testified in front of Congress on these issues.

Susan is no nonsense and has no trouble questioning, and making recommendations to the physician. She attends appointments with me and clarifies my questions and concerns.  She keeps all of my data organized and at the ready because questions are always arising when you have a chronic condition.

Unfortunately our physicians don’t have time these days to personalize our charts and look after our needs in this way. And when you have Lyme disease your needs are many. You deserve to feel better. You deserve better health. I promise you Susan can and will help you get there. 

~ Karen Frazell, New jersey