vaccinationsI am a Parent, Grandparent, and Health Coach/Consultant/Detective/Navigator. I had to make hard decisions almost 33 years ago about what to do about vaccinations for my daughter. One of my blessings was that my husband was an MD who opened the first Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice in New York City in 1974. However, if you think that made the decision any easier, then, you are wrong! Thank goodness we met Dr Robert Mendelson, MD, but we still had to make our own decisions.

Here we are today some 33 years later and the conversation is more difficult and more intense. The results of increased use of vaccinations more and more appears to have caused potential damage to hundreds of thousands of children. The emotional and financial burden placed on parents of these children has raised the bar of controversy even more.

I am writing this as a result of all that is being discussed about vaccinations as it is just too long to just insert in a response on a chat group. Please delve more into this site to learn more about me and my philosophy and my background of over 30+ years in the field of Integrative/functional medicine. I work one on one with people all over the country addressing issues like possible Lyme, Tick Borne Diseases, Viruses, Mold, Parasites, Candida etc etc. The majority of my work is as a detective to peel back the layers and look at the issues that I am presented with. Vaccines are a major issue that I cover with my clients: young or old. In the meantime take a look at Vaccine Doses for US Children.*

The US gives 2-3x more vaccines to children than most developed countries.

With the rise of childhood and adult chronic illnesses, in the country, I feel one must take a look at the causal factors.

Let me begin with a summary statement of my current beliefs and thinking and then I will lay out some of my current concerns.

I believe that repeated vaccinations can disrupt, disturb, suppress the immune system that we have been given as the first line of defense at birth. The rise of chronic and new illnesses have replaced childhood illnesses. Alzheimer’s Disease, MS, Autism, Asthma, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Learning Disabilities, Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases as well as other inflammatory illnesses and most significantly neurological disorders have arisen as a result of the toxic burden that we have created in increased numbers of vaccines with their adjuvants, pesticides in the environment including Glyphosates and GMO have created a toxic bomb, if you will, that has exploded.

The question I then must ask is, “ Have we really prevented disease?”

Here are some facts and concerns of mine:

My list goes on and I am sure if you have continued to read this that you will come up with other questions or concerns or something you feel I have left out.

We are each extraordinarily unique individuals biochemically endowed with our own unique properties. There is no one size that fits all. Rather, we have a unique blueprint which I believe determines how we look and function. Every person should be treated based on their needs rather than a boiler plate of one size fits all.

Finally, it should not be acceptable for physicians that administer vaccines to overlook the serious safety concerns that more and more studies are raising in peer reviewed published studies, that all too often are not brought to light by mainstream media.

Along with our uniqueness is the rampant suppression of inquiry into many of our concerns. I further believe that the economics of health and sickness in our government is the driving force of more and more suppression of information. Even physicians are muzzled with loss of licensure threatened when good physicians want to come forward and speak their concerns.

Be it Vaccinations, Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and all that I have mentioned at the beginning of this piece, it is incumbent on us as individuals to research, learn, question and find physicians that will be open to listening and discussing our concerns. We must be the ones to make the decisions that we believe are best for our children and family members!

One thing I currently believe for sure, our government, politicians, big pharma, CDC, DEA, FDA et al are headed in the wrong direction.

Ultimately, we all have the responsibility of protecting the health of our children as well as people of all ages for the future of our country. but we still had to make our own decisions.

Should you wish to delve further into research, here are a few more links and suggested references you might want to consider: