Case Study: Why Do I Call Myself a (health) Detective?

I had a client a few months ago that was suffering repeatedly with UTi’s, (urinary tract infections) She would take her antibiotics and probiotics, and hopefully could arrange for an anti-fungal to prevent the development of yeast overgrowth. Within 10 days she generally returned to feeling well.

However, after two additional infections, she was preparing for a trip and she began to develop symptoms again. She was in so much pain that she stayed in bed instead of packing and doing all the things she needed to do. She started another antibiotic, but nothing seemed to work. As her symptoms returned on the weekend, she was not able to reach her functional medicine doctor. So, I suggested she go to Urgent Care.

Up until that point I had recommended the following:

  • U tract: A.K.A. D-Mannose: take several times a day
  • Continue the Pyridium she had been prescribed
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Increase Vitamin C dose
  • Increase the dose of probiotics and switch to Tru Bifido Pro: It is an anti inflammatory and also reduces histamine.

Of course, my client had eliminated sugar and was yeast free, gluten free and casein free.

When her specimen came back, it was negative. Yes negative. The nurse at Urgent Care suggested she had Interstitial Cystitis. For those of you that are not familiar with IC, it is also called painful bladder syndrome. It is a feeling of pain and pressure in the bladder area. It is complicated and according to traditional medicine, there is no cure for it.

What To Do Now:

I reviewed her diet very carefully and we discussed what beverage(s) she drank. She informed me that she drank a lot of sparking water every day. Her diet was excellent, but I made the following suggestions:

We reviewed the most common acidic bladder irritants: coffee, diet soda, alcohol, cranberry or other acidic fruit juices, tomatoes, chocolate, and lemons. Many people are able to pinpoint which foods, if any, cause flares or worsens symptoms. I suggested she try an elimination diet and follow the guidelines of the anti histamine diet, which I believed could make a big difference.

Within 24 hours having eliminated carbonated beverages and beginning to follow the anti-histamine diet, my client reported to me that her symptoms were gone! Yes, they were gone!

She could not get over it and agreed to continue to follow this diet, take her Probiotics, take her enzymes and totally eliminate all carbonated/sparkling water. As of today, while she has returned to some of the foods listed on the elimination diet, she has stayed away from all sparkling water/seltzer etc. Having tried some sparkling water, she found that her symptoms would begin to return.

So, what is the lesson?

For my clients, I do an extensive history, have them fill out questionnaires and look to address all the possible factors that might be impacting them and causing their current precipitating symptoms. I ask a lot of questions! And I listen.

I look at previous lab testing that has been done. Might something have been missed or not addressed? Are there clues?
I address Dental Issues, Sleep Issues and Vision Issues (Not the typical vision issues, but I ask about floaters, Peripheral Vision Issues, Balance and Coordination)
Previous Vaccinations
Medications that have worked in the past or Not!
Reactions to Medications
Mold issues: Past or Present
Vitamins and Supplements past and present
Previous Viruses and Infections that have been diagnosed and treated
Auto Accidents, Head Injuries – be it falls or sports related
Current and Past Diet including any allergies or sensitivities


Basically, I think outside the box. Again, and as I have said, “YOU CANNOT MAKE A DIAGNOSIS UNLESS YOU THINK OF IT.”

To learn more about what I do and what my clients have to say, please explore more here on my website.