Ticks in GA

Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases Has Now Spread Throughout the United States!

If you or your doctor or family member thinks Lyme Disease does not exist in GA, well think again, and here are 3 articles specifically refuting that myth:

I have been writing about this and talking about this since I moved to Atlanta, GA 3 years ago today!

I have testified on a new bill in the state of MD where physicians would be supported in using integrative and functional medicine therapies. I have lobbied in New York, CT, MD and am constantly taking courses and workshops to learn about the latest thinking. I reach out to Practitioners and work with Physicians throughout the United States. I have had an article published in The Townsend Letter about this bill.

What we all know for sure, and that includes the CDC is that we have an epidemic on our hands and the CDC is not sure how it is going to bring this under control.

I am passionate and relentless about this subject for my family, friends, clients and for those of you that are interested or have connected with me about this subject.This past summer I wrote an article which I sent to the the Atlanta Journal Constitution, more than once, but of course the article was never published. However, please check back here often to read my and find more information.

I say this to my clients and others all the time: YOU CANNOT MAKE A DIAGNOSIS UNLESS YOU THINK OF IT!

If you or your family has been diagnosed with an illness and is not improving, then think beyond and outside the box. Being your own advocate, searching for help, being persistent in seeking answers and continuing to ask questions can shape the outcome of a cluster of symptoms that you or someone you know might have.

Everyday there is new information about Lyme and Tick Borne Diseases.

Finally, Fox 5 has been doing a series on Lyme.

Keep checking back here on my site for the latest information on what I now call: The State of Lyme Disease!