While navigating the complexities of severe environmental illnesses, my husband and I, both, were profoundly blessed to have Susan Levin as our health coach and advocate.

Susan’s boundless energy, vast knowledge of integrative medicine, deep professional network, and tireless commitment to serving her clients’ needs were literally life savers for our family as we dealt with Lyme Disease, mold Illness, heavy metal toxicity, electro-sensitivity, early stage breast cancer, stroke, thyroid and adrenal failure, cardiovascular disease, and type II diabetes,

Conventional medicine reliably falls short in the evolving terrain of environmental medicine.  As such, it is prudent and necessary to enlist the services of an experienced health coach in order to leverage the odds of survival.  Susan Levin has my highest recommendation for navigating one’s toughest medical challenges.

She is a teacher, a healer, and a friend on the road to recovery.

~ Joan Esnayra, Ph.D. (Genetics) and Craig Love, Ph.D. (Psychology), Midwest