It is beginning to sink in. Perhaps it has been a few days.

You have been thinking  and praying, perhaps, and trying to take in all that has been said.  Which way will you go? What keeps going through your mind? What might you be considering? What if? I know it is a tough place to be in. Fortunately, my family and friends gave me space to think and consider.

So, what did I do?

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  • I focused on getting to Practitioners I trusted and began to work to assemble a team. ( No one person has all the answers). 
  • I decided to stay low key. I did not want the world to know.
  • Because of my background I knew that no matter what I ultimately decided, Functional/Integrative Medicine was going to be part of it.
  • Because of my background in Functional Medicine, I started to make a list of what testing I wanted done and I wanted my Functional Medicine Practitioner’s thoughts as well. Remember I wanted a team.
  • In addition, I reached out to my herbalist who was a specialist in Cancer and scheduled time with him.

So, what is your next move?

Well, it might just be to find a Medical Detective that will help review options, discuss nutrition, diet, lifestyle, exercise and attend consultations with you, be it virtual or in person. You want someone that is your point person that knows you and understands you and will be there to be your guide.