I want to shout from the rooftops. Today, March 11, 2021, is the first anniversary of my diagnosis of ovarian cancer… 4:00 pm to be exact. (You remember details with things like this, don’t you?)

I was in remission by October 28, 2021. So now I have a new job.

My job today, and every day, is to do everything I can to avoid a recurrence.

  • For me this means:
  • Following a Keto for Cancer Diet
  • Starting Mistletoe therapy (Yes, like mistletoe at Christmas Time. There are many kinds).
  • Bimonthly IV therapy with Vit C and other vitamins
  • A post-chemo oral program to prevent recurrence (40 supplements a day)
  • Exercise
  • Practicing being Joyful!
  • Praying every day

I have learned even more about how my clients have struggled.

From this past year, I have found G-D and feel so blessed to be alive every single day.

From this, my passion and determination to live and thrive are even more significant.

From this, I am inspired to earn my certification in the Metabolic Approach to Cancer Program, which is a one-year in-depth program.

From this, I am empowered to help women with breast and ovarian cancer.

From this, I can honestly say to my clients we CAN do this.

Thank you to all of my family, friends, and colleagues that have supported me on this journey!