How did you find out?

I went for a colonoscopy and was sick for 2 weeks. My gastroenterologist ordered a CT scan. I got a call on 3/11/21 at 4:00 PM. He starts reading the results of the scan to me . What did he just say? It took 2 times and then I told him to basically, Shut Up, and then I would tell him what he was saying. Next, fax me the results!

What did I do next?

I made a double vodka on the rocks. I called my daughter and then shared this horrible news; I knew she and her husband would be with me every step of the way.  Then, I got to work because that is what I do.

For those of you that have faced this, you know exactly what I am talking about.

There is no preparation for this. These 3 words, you have Cancer has now altered the rest of your life.

What advice can I give for those that might hear these words?

What advice can I give those who hear it from a child, a spouse, a best friend, a colleague? Take several deep breaths and listen. The last thing you want to do is start telling this person what he/she should do. Remember, this is his/her life. 

Having heard these words, you will need someone every step of the way to be by your side at consultations to listen to what is being said. You often cannot hear what is being said so having that advocate will be a great help. Selecting that person is important. Will they be able to be the listener you need? Can they interpret what is being said so you understand without a lot of emotion and drama what your options, as an example might be?

No matter what, you always have some time. Take the time to listen and then consider: Is this the right doctor for me? How do I feel about this person across the desk?  Have my questions been answered? Have I been told that my ideas will not work?

You are not a number! You are you with completely biological individuality. You are not a statistic!

Remember this is your body and this is your life!