This letter cannot even begin to show my gratitude for you and Dr. Levin for guiding me through the path to wellness. Without your altruistic practices, I don’t believe I would be well today, and quite frankly, I am not sure I would be alive.

Before I found you and the doctor, I was extremely traumatized by several surgeries that had taxed my body, but mainly was poisoned by Ciproflaxin toxicity while under anesthesia.  I had severe gastrointestinal distress combined with an immune system that had completely shut down.  This was coupled with a positive Lyme disease test, and total disruption of my nervous system.   Prior to these incidences, I had been an athlete and enjoyed extremely good health.

Before I found you both, I had run the gamut of traditional “specialists”, who completely dismissed my symptoms. My husband and I were told multiple times that they couldn’t help me.  That was the beginning of my very strange journey through the (sometimes) dark side of Western “traditional” medicine and “Big Pharma”.  It was an awakening to the corruption in the medical community and the total disregard for the patients symptoms, by the doctors.  The shortcomings by doctors to assess a patient using inductive reasoning is alarming.  I was looked down upon, as sick as I was, for insinuating that I had been poisoned by an antibiotic. I was told so many things by so many doctors, my husband and I were at a loss.   

When I found your practice, you saved my life. You were the first medical professionals that truly believed my toxicity, and that was part of the cure. I am sure I cried to have finally found someone who listened to me and BELIEVED me and truly cared about me as a person. I had basically been bedridden for two years before we were referred to you. You listened to everything I said about what was going on with my body and couldn’t have cared more about me as a person, if you were my own family. You were a Godsend to me and my husband who were at the end of having any hope that I would get better. You and the doctor worked so closely and really heard me as a patient and put together a protocol to not “fix” me, but to get my body healthy again. Your perspective on what direction with which to approach healing was so brilliant.    

You and the doctor taught me so much about healing and faith and believing that wellness is always attainable. It is an invaluable lesson my husband and I carry with us still. We have a monumental fondness, deep respect and appreciation for you both. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving me my life back.

~ Melissa Walter