I am happy to report that none of my clients have developed COVID-19, in spite of each of them dealing with chronic Illness. I believe the vitamins and supplements I have recommended for each of them, and really do so for everyone, have worked to build up with their immunities.  

For a quick review, I placed all my patients on the following to help prevent COVID-19:  

  • Vitamins A, D, and K2, 10,000 mg each a day;
  • Vitamin C, at least 5,000 mg a day;
  • Zinc, 25 mg to 50 mg a day;
  • Melatonin, 20 mg a day or more at bedtime. (Note, melatonin is an antioxidant and anti-toxin, and as such serves as a preventative against COVID-19 as well as a sleep aid.)
  • Quercetin, 500 mg, once or twice a day
  • N-acetyl Cysteine once a day orally;
  • Liposomal Glutathione, 450 mg daily.   

So, when my client’s Mom called and said she had COVID-19, I suggested she use the same nutrients that I was recommending to my patients for prevention, but at larger doses. Here were my suggestions:  

  • Because her chest was tight, I suggested that she double the first dose of her Liposomal Glutathione to 1000 mg, then 30 minutes later to increase to 1500 mg. Then, if her chest was still tight, she was to increase to another dose at 2000 mg. She did that  and stayed on that higher dose for several days. 
  • We increased her Melatonin to 40 mg at bedtime and also recommended 20 mg during the day.  
  • We increased her Zinc to 50 mg a day.
  • Rather than once or twice a day, we increased her Quercetin to 500 mg three times a day.
  • I had her increase her dose of N-acetyl cysteine to twice a day.  

She read about Hydrogen Peroxide and decided on her own to do several treatments a day with a Nebulizer,  which she found to be helpful.   

Within a matter of days, she was improving and getting back to feeling well. As of my last communication with her, she is doing well.   

Remember, I do not recommend purchasing drug store brands of these supplements. I also discourage buying these supplements on Amazon, because if you read the reviews there have been many issues and questions regarding whether these products are legitimate. I have relationships with professional supplement companies and would be happy to assist you in both prevention and fighting COVID-19. Contact me today.

Finally, and always: If you are not preventing disease, you are preventing health!