Fighting my way back to life and health from late stage Lyme disease has been a wearying and humbling journey. 

Many of the treatment protocols have been complicated, and having to see numerous doctors in different states has made it difficult to ensure that my care was all coordinated. 2 1/2 years into my treatment process, it was clear that I was no longer qualified to be the liaison between my doctors. I needed a ringleader, and I found that in Susan Levin. 

She has shown tremendous skill and deep caring for my personal wellness. She’s not only interested in my numbers, but in making sure that I am feeling like my best self. She will settle for nothing less.

Because of her skills in the healthcare profession, she has been a tremendous communicator with all of my doctors, even finding one closer to home to help manage this next level of treatment. I highly recommend her to anyone who is dealing with a complex and long-standing life-constraining health issue. She’s the best!

~ Nia Davenport, North Carolina