In a few short months Susan Levin has become an integral part of my 20 year journey battling Lyme Disease and I believe she will be the key that will finally unlock the secrets to regain my health.

The first time I met Susan I felt like I’d known her for years!! She is friendly, personable, kind and possesses the uncanny ability to immediately create an atmosphere of positivity and hope! She is a vigilante, tireless, organized and determined investigator who will be there for you to listen, encourage, answer questions, no matter how small, and support your quest towards improved health!

If you are struggling like I was, treating an illness for years without regaining total wellness, call Susan! I promise, you will not be disappointed!! Her thoroughness and attention to detail as she pours over your entire medical history will help you get those elusive answers.

Thank you Susan… I’m blessed to have you in my corner!!!

K.F. – Blairsville, Georgia