I moved to Atlanta five-and-a-half years ago. I arrived in the fall and was all too aware of the issues surrounding Lyme Disease, having come from the northeast, specifically Connecticut. I also spent seven years in northern Virginia, another hotbed of Lyme Disease. After relocating to Atlanta, I quickly became aware that a number of local physicians were skeptical about the existence of Lyme Disease in Georgia.  

In the early spring following my move, I learned that a client of mine had come down with the flu. He was really sick with pains all over, high fever, sore throat, and swollen glands. He was given antibiotics, but each time he finished the medications, he relapsed.  

I suggested he see a doctor to get tested for Lyme disease. Based on my out-of-state experience, I was concerned that the lab work be performed in a specific manner. I was also concerned that  Lyme Disease and the Coinfections might not show up . I received a call from his doctor, who asked me what I would have her test for. I provided a list and she ran all the tests.   

Thank goodness, the results came back positive according to the standards of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The doctor then reached out to me to discuss a protocol and we started it immediately.  

In addition to my client being put on antibiotics, he was also put on an antifungal. In addition, I put him on probiotics and many supplements to support his immune system.   

Driving back from his doctor’s appointment one day he called and said: “What would I have done if you had not been there to see me through?” I believe he would have ended up being chronically ill.  

This is a great case as it illustrates when you are quickly diagnosed with Lyme Disease how you can address this infection and beat it. Most often my stories are much longer because most of my clients have been undiagnosed and become chronically ill.  

Following this case, I got involved with preventing and diagnosing Lyme Disease and coinfections in Georgia. While some physicians are still skeptical about the prevalence of this disease in our state, I have been happy to work with many of my clients and their doctors, who I partner with, to help return my clients to being well and fit, and able to go on with their lives.   

You cannot make a diagnosis unless you think of it!